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But as he has shown repeatedly, the nuances and delicacies in timing a pressure chase in these conditions are not lost upon him. He only hit two boundaries but the sweetest - a six off Murali to bring up the 200 - was the moment when a win became tangible. Surreptitiously, an itchy start turned into a hustled finish.. As the New York collections came to an end last week, it became clear those kings of Seventh Ave. are learning from the pop princess. It's a smart move for the designers whose clothing is lost among the reportage of the past few seasons. Students of Play Group from Roots Thematic Montessori presented a welcome rhyme that is 'I love You.' that was dedicated to the chief guest. This rhyme was sung in four different languages that are Portuguese, Spanish, English and Urdu. Than a ballet dance performance was presented by the little ballerina's from advance and junior Montessori. 15 - 19, 2012, at Joint Base San Antonio and Fort Hood. Taylor will share tips from her industry acclaimed books "Commander-in-Chic: Every Woman's Guide to Managing her Style Like a First Lady" and "Self-Seduction: Your Ultimate Path to Inner and Outer Beauty" with women in uniform and military spouses. Taylor's trade secrets have helped to influence A-list celebrities, world-renowned cover models, as well as women leaders and now she will share her more than 30 years of beauty expertise with women in the military.. whole transition from trench coat to Trophee (the name and spelling of the item given to best of show winner at Pebble) is on display. And once you get her all the way into the Petersen for the fashion, you get to see all the other cool cars. But remember, this whole thing was for her.. Although The Bump is growing, the rest of me is still my usual Size 2 self. Pants I'll have to give in on obviously, but I'm wondering if anyone else out there made it through a pregnancy pretty much avoiding maternity tops. Any suggestions on how to do so or where to shop for versatile clothes are more than welcome! Thanks!!. I simply wake up each day knowing what needs to be done and do it. Sometimes I feel robotic, like i traded in some of my spontanaity for a more level head. DO NOT TAKE THIS WITH STIMULANTS. Expect high-end designers to embrace technology in the types of materials and prints they use. London designers have been creating prints using computers and ink jets for a while now (see Basso Brooke and Mary Katrantzou), with veteran Alexander McQueen recently jumping on the digital-print bandwagon with his reptilian, psychedelic threads for spring. Even crazier: British designer Louise Goldin writes and uses her own computer programs to knit the most intricate details of her futuristic-by-way-of-grandma's-knitting needles dresses..